About us

Our story

Core de ballet started in the heat of Dubai where Ondine D. was discovering the benefits of Pilates on her own ballet technique. Ondine started to ask every professional dancers she knew how much they knew about anatomy. She wondered why, so often, dancers wait to get serious injuries to re-assess their current training.

The answer was obvious: you don’t fix something that is not broken. And ballet is not broken. Yet there is room for improvement. Ondine wanted dancers to receive the same level of care, attention and latest research that elite athletes receive. A healthy mind in a healthy body to reveal artistry.

Ondine started contacting experts in ballet, music, anatomy, nutrition,… and here was born Core de ballet: bringing together the most qualified international coaches. The leading edge so that professional dancers and teachers can fully Master their work instrument (their body), Master their art and Manage their career early to achieve longevity.

Vision and mission

One day you’ll look around and you’ll see empowered ballet dancers pro-actively managing long, healthy and fulfilled careers. That’s Core de ballet’s vision.

Core de Ballet’s mission is to help dancers reveal the best artist-dancers in them with the teaching of the most qualified international coaches in all disciplines relevant to the longevity of a dancer’s career.

They Work with us

Over the years Core de ballet has worked with numerous dancers in training, professional dancers, teachers, choreographers and companies staff of Paris Opera, Bordeaux National Opera, Semperoper Dresden, Dutch Nationale Ballet, Estonian National Ballet, Mariinsky, Stanislavsky, Royal Opera House, Vienna State Ballet, Hungarian Ballet, Stanlowa ballet school, Paris Opera ballet school, Elmhurst ballet school, La Scala ballet school, Royal Ballet upper school.

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