Have you ever experienced the fear of forgetting something when packing for an audition or competition? The last thing you want is to enter the audition room and realize you forgot your demi pointes, or worse your belt, in the closet.

I used to stress out a lot when packing for auditions and performances. I used to open the wardrobe and throw in my bag everything I could find. The result? Three heavy bags to carry and my demi pointes still in the closet.

I created the ultimate dance bag checklist for auditions and competitions to avoid being in the same situation. You can download it here and use it to pack your bag efficiently.

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Do you want to be prepared for every event? Keep an ‘audition bag’ ready to grab and go anytime. Sometimes you can get an audition notice just a couple of hours before the actual audition takes place. It happened to Isaac Peter Bowry, Freelance dancer with Matthew Bourne’s New Adventure: ‘It was 2016, I had just finished morning class at school and saw that I got invited to BTUK audition. I ran home, took a quick shower, grabbed my audition bag and got the job!’

Did you ever forget to pack something in your bag? What happened after? Leave a comment with your funny stories!