For a beautiful posture, light port de bras, flowing jumps, steadier turns and strong partnering skills you need:

  1. a strong mid back to stabilise and move your shoulder blades,

  2. balance between the muscles of your arms, chest and shoulder girdle,

  3. mobility at the shoulder joint,

  4. and control over your spine and hips.

We have developed a series of exercises focusing on upper body, shoulders and back stability, strength and flexibility. This series was created in collaboration with Victoria Roper who is a hysical therapist and STOTT Pilates Instructor Trainer based in London.

The exercises are demonstrated by Guillaume Diop, professional dancer at Paris Opera, under the guidance of Ondine D, STOTT Pilates instructor.

Now grab a camera, reach your arms up and take a picture to snap your current range of motion before the Majestic Challenge.

Familiarise yourself with one new exercise a day and by the end of the Majestic Challenge, you’ll stand up proud like any dancer would!