Be strong, be fearless, be beautiful.

Misty Copeland

What makes or breaks a dancer's career

If we ask young dancers in training what they need to work on to be successful dancers, the large majority will answer “better technique”.

If we ask dancers in companies what distinguishes the Principals from the other dancers of the company, most will reply “better technique”.

If you ask Principals, renown teachers and coaches, the same question, they reply “mindset and artistry”. Why this difference?

Let's teach you to be successful

What if I tell you that there is much more to performing that pure technical skills?

Are you ready to learn the competencies and skills that will reveal the best artist-dancer in you?

Are you ready to make sure that everyone, including yourself, sees something in you?

Anyone, any dancer can be a successful in life! Let’s get you there!

Supportive, focused, practical training

Learn from experts directly involved in managing the career of dancers with successful results.

Learn from experts who are reading books faster than the lifespan of your pointe shoes.

This training is practical, based on the lasted science and focused on techniques that have proven successful in the ballet world. Each month, explore the competencies and skills required to address a particular attitude for success.

Meet again for a Mastermind group in which you can discuss your progress, get answers to your questions and obtain support from an incredible community.

Gain access to resourceful exercise to thrive in an environment that we all know is not always the most supportive.

Learn the secrets to success with...

Ondine D., is a life coach and a Career Manager for professional dancers. Over her career, she has been involved in training dancers to achieve and maintain high-performance and manoeuvre the conflicting demands of the dance career. 

Her moto is to give you all the tools you need to manage any foreseen or unplanned situation.

Stott Pilates Instructor and Performance coach
Ross Ridenoure

Ross Ridenoure has been a Senior Executive in highly demanding and regulated industries for over 20 years.

Ross is not a dancer (he has been a gymnast in his youth!). Ross believes that being an outsider is an asset, as he can bring a fresh touch to a dancer’s training. Ross’s objective is to teach you the best practices and tested methods in use in other high-performing industries.

Let's answer your questions

It is a live online Webinar that will take place at the time announced. This allows you to come and ask all your questions.

The Webinar is addressed to young dancers in training as well as professional dancers. 

The skills taught are best applied early in your career, the earlier the better.

The Webinar is very interactive. You will be send a very easy observation task to perform prior to the Webinar. There will be plenty of short tasks during the Webinar and a long 30 minutes exercice at the end of the Webinar to apply the knowledge you've learned.

You will walk away from this Webinar with new skills in hand.

The Webinar will be recorded and attendees will be given access to the replay.

If you sign-up for the full program you will receive bonus resources and exercises sheets for you to deepen your knowledge and strengthen your practice.

With the full program, you also get access to a Mastermind group that will meet once a month to review your progress with the tools and techniques learned during the Webinar, answer all your questions and be a supportive community for all. This is an extremely valuable group only open to those who signed up for the full program.

If you sign-up to individual Module, you'll get full access to this Module and its workbook, you will be able to ask questions only during the Webinar.

It really depends on what you need at the moment. The full program option gives you much more support and opportunities to speak with Ondine D. and Ross Ridenoure.

There is a special offer at 50% on the full program price running until 4th December 2022. It is automatically included at checkout.

You have an option to pay the full program in monthly instalments which is pretty neat for all budgets. It makes the full program really affordable.

Career Management coaching

8 Monthly Modules
4h/month including Mastermind
  • Monthly Webinar to dedicate to the 8 attitudes for success
  • Detailed Workbook to follow along and review
  • Bonus resources and exercises sheet (Exclusive for full program)
  • Mastermind group to review, ask question and get support (Exclusive for full program)

I will teach you to find success!

Uncover the secrets to a successful career in dance

Alternatively, sign-up for individual modules