Should I wear pointe shoes at the barre?

When it comes to wearing pointe shoes at the barre, my initial instinct is to be against it. That said, I can think of a couple of scenarios where wearing your pointe shoes through the barre could be a good idea. Let’s find out!

How to choose my dance belt?

Male classical ballet dancers wear a dance belt for support and protection of their genitals when dancing. In this article I will talk about the key features you want to pay attention to before buying your next dance belt.

Don’t waste your time this season

What if I tell you that it’s possible to set resolutions and to live your best season ; to stick to new habits and not settle back in your old routine?

5 benefits of practicing yoga for a dancer

When choosing a side activity, you might want to consider how this activity can benefit your dancing. This way, you’re enjoying doing something else, meeting new people, getting your mind out of your job and yet you’re still improving your craft.

What to write in your ballet journal?

Journaling has many benefits but often turns into a long list of corrections… Discover how to journal and positively improve your ballet technique