Jumping for the first time

“I am not the jumping kind of dancer, don’t expect me to do a good job in allegro”. Does that sound familiar? Here how I became a good jumper!

3 simple tips to be casted more often

Improving your casting chances does not necessarily means long hours of rehearsals. Train smart and implement our simple tips to focus your training.

Comparing myself to Principal dancers

It’s common to feel pressured and think that the only way to succeed in the dance industry is to reach a Principal dancer’s level when we’re still students. 

Prepare your bag, get the job

The last thing you want is to enter the audition room and realize you forgot your demi pointes, or worse your belt, in the closet.

Plan your vacation time

Vacation for dancers is rare: I do not waste time wondering that to do, or regret I did not do more. Here’s my process to make the most of holidays!

Holidays: avoid stress!

Holidays season dancer dilemma: how to recharge our energy levels and not lose all the efforts of our training? My 3-steps guide to enjoyable holidays

How to upgrade your at-home training

5 extremely simple things you can do right now and upgrade your at-home dance training to make it enjoyable and super effective. You won’t miss the studio!