Flexing my feet for the first time

In my experience flexing the feet was painful so I avoided it. Until I found the cue that worked for me and my overall dance technique changed overnight.

“Make your own good luck”

“You make your own good luck” told me the late Errol Pickford, my Elmhurst ballet school teacher. How do you make your own good luck instead of being lucky?

Darning pointe shoes Q&A

Whether you are new to darning or you’re looking to improve your darning skills, this article is for you: discover the best darning technique I know.

To count or not to count fouettés

I used to count Principal dancer’s fouettes, and classmate’s pirouettes and felt envious. And I learned a more positive approach to improving my technique.

How to tackle learning a new variation?

I share with you a specific and effective work process to follow to learn a new ballet Repertoire variation without stress or feeling of being overwhelmed.

Is your marking habit efficient?

Did you know that your marking habit can set you back? Discover four simple changes that will fast track your presence, memory and coordination. 

Guillaume Diop 2.0, Paris Opera Ballet

How beautiful it is to witness the growth and development of young talents! While Guillaume Diop’s joy and enthusiasm have not changed at all, compared to the very first interview with us, he has now spent more than a full year as a Paris Opera company member.

How to deal with and prevent blisters

Blisters are no fun and they always seem to pop out on the worst possible days. I share all my hacks to prevent and treat them efficiently with you.