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Plan your vacation time

Vacation for dancers is rare: I do not waste time wondering that to do, or regret I did not do more. Here’s my process to make the most of holidays!

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Holidays: avoid stress!

Holidays season dancer dilemma: how to recharge our energy levels and not lose all the efforts of our training? My 3-steps guide to enjoyable holidays

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Darning pointe shoes Q&A

Whether you are new to darning or you’re looking to improve your darning skills, this article is for you: discover the best darning technique I know.

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Should I wear pointe shoes at the barre?

When it comes to wearing pointe shoes at the barre, my initial instinct is to be against it. That said, I can think of a couple of scenarios where wearing your pointe shoes through the barre could be a good idea. Let’s find out!