6 – Manage others and network

“Manage others and Network” is the sixth module of the 8 month Dancer’s success coaching by Ondine D.,and Dr. Ross Ridenoure. At the end of this Masterclass you will be able to: Predict your reaction in any situation Communicate clearly and efficiently Maintain good work relationships with all Prepare difficult conversations Leverage your network and […]

5 – Raise your attitude and mindset

Maintain the mental strength of a high-performing artist: create strategies and tools to maintain high level of motivation, resilience and seek excellence – not perfection

Mentor de ballet – Meet-Ups

CONFIDENCE, PERSPECTIVE, SELF-AWARENESS TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS These are the benefits of regular meetings with a Mentor. Core de ballet has handpicked the best Mentors de ballet you can think of to help you overcome your fears, be prepared to the reality of being a dancer and support you this season. In this course you […]