Dancers’ Success Coaching Season 2

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About Course

Dancers’ Success Coaching updated version of Season 23/24.

Dripped monthly starting October 2023.

Course Content

What makes or breaks a dancer’s career?
There’s much more to performing than pure technical skills. Are you ready to learn the competencies that will reveal the best-artist dancer in you? Are you ready to make sure everyone, including yourself, sees something in you? Are you ready to finally take control over your destiny?

  • Introduction and module objectives
  • Create your own definition of success
  • Intro Quiz
  • What are the competencies to be successful?
  • The foundation of motivation and behavior
  • Why motivational quotes do not work
  • Exercise: Accessing personal resources
  • What does a successful career look like for a dancer?
  • How do I manage my career towards success?
  • 8 attitudes that makes or breaks a dancer’s career
  • Recap
  • Successful visualisation
  • Homework: Build your own vision
  • Mastermind session

2. Make your own good luck – A. Set the tone of your inner dialogue
understand the power of deeply ingrained beliefs and your innertalk, learn how to set a new tone to drive new behaviors

2. Make your own good luck – B. Reframe perfection and focus on competence
Identifying your current and desired competencies understand what a dancer must show to prove competency

2. Make your own good luck – C. Prioritize your career
Decide what you want and don’t want in your career, Proactively look for and identify events to make yourself seen.

2. Make your own good luck – D. Recap

3. Maintain your health as your biggest asset – A. Perspective of a movement specialist

3. Health – B. What does good health look like?

3. Health – C. How to maintain health as an asset

3. Health – D. High-performance requires high-performance nutrition
Now let’s explore how to maintain high-performing health to achieve longevity in dance.

3. Health – E. BONUS – Interview with a movement specialist

4. Optimise your training and resting time.

4. Optimise time – A. How to optimise your movement choices

4 Optimise time – B. Optimise your recovery and rest

4. Optimise time – C. Application to a ballet schedule that you cannot modify

5. Raise your attitude and mindset – A. Introduction and Objectives

5. Raise your attitude and mindset – B. Master your emotions
Create strategies and tools to deal with your emotions

5. Raise your attitude and mindset – C. The mindset of a successful professional dancer
Maintain a high-level of motivation in all circumstances Build and nurture the mental strength of a high-performing artist

5. Raise your attitude and mindset – D. The behaviors of a successful professional dancer
Build resilience and seek excellence by getting the most out of the feedback you receive Present yourself as an indispensable successful professional dancer

Manage others and network like it’s second nature.

Create constructive assessments and plans.

Get smart with money.

Develop your own unique brand.

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