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About Course

Well-known ballet teacher Sarah Arnold deciphers for you the ‘secrets’ of consistent successful pirouettes. Sarah Arnold herself was not a naturally gifted turner, she had to search, practice and pay attention to understand how to turn in her career. Then later as a teacher, she expanded this knowledge to make it accessible to all her students, and not just her. The results of her research is a method of exercises to find consistent successful turns in your body. Welcome to your first step towards improving your pirouettes with Sarah Arnold.

What Will You Learn?

  • Over 15 exercises designed to improve each aspects of a successful turn.
  • In-depth explanation of the purpose of each exercises.
  • Discover or review the fundamentals that 'makes it work' each time.

Course Content




Pivot and stability

Basic pirouettes

Spiral and opposition

The icing on your pirouettes

Final thoughts

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