What makes or breaks a dancer’s career

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If we ask young dancers in training what they need to work on to be successful dancers, the large majority will answer “better technique”.

If we ask dancers in companies what distinguishes the Principals from the other dancers of the company, most will reply “better technique”.

 If you ask Principals, renown teachers and coaches, what is required to be successful, they will reply “mindset and artistry”.

For some reason, during your formative years you are left under the impression that mastering technique is the end goal: you need exact movements and more turns and higher jumps. In some companies you are left with the impression that you should execute movements and copy how others move. This will not make you an artist, it will make you a depressed robot-like performer.  We cannot change, here in this forum, how you are taught and managed, but we can work on giving you the competencies to succeed in this environment.

There’s much more to performing than pure technical skills. Are you ready to learn the competencies that will reveal the best-artist dancer in you? Are you ready to make sure everyone, including yourself, sees something in you? Are you ready to finally take control over your destiny?

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What Will You Learn?

  • Recognise the 8 attitudes that support a dancer's successful career,
  • Understand the foundation of motivation and personal beliefs,
  • Acknowledge the important of defining your own definition of success,
  • Visualize your own definition of success.

Course Content

How to develop new competencies to be successful?

  • Introduction and module objectives
  • Defining objectives and success
  • What are the competencies to be successful?
  • Competencies for success
  • Accessing personal resources

What does a successful career look like?

What makes or breaks a dancer’s career
Discover the 8 attitudes that can break, seriously shorten or slow down a dancer's career. Identify the attitudes to implement instead to make a more successful, healthy and long career.

Build your own success vision

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