The start of the season usually means good resolution: eat healthy, sleep well, focus in the studio. We all want to make the most of it, have our best season and be proud of ourselves. But then a few weeks down the line, we slack on one thing, then the next, and another. Or something comes up and we have to change this routine for a day or two and never get back to it. We feel terrible about it.

Is it inevitable to fail at keeping our resolutions?

Yes and no. It is inevitable to have better days than others. It is inevitable that from time to time you’ll have to adjust and adapt. Let’s say for example that you had decided to start your day with a short easy flowing exercise routine. And one day you’re very tired and you need to sleep a little more and there is no time for this routine. That’s ok. Don’t beat yourself up for this. You have a couple of options: just stretch up in what we call pandiculation, shift your routine to another time of the day, skip it for this time.

In any case: get back to your program tomorrow. Don’t use this one time as an excuse to give up all together.

How do I know if my resolutions are too ambitious?

That’s not an easy question as it is really relative to you. A resolution is too ambitious when you can’t keep it. But you want to look at it in an environment. Maybe the resolution itself is not too ambitious, maybe you need to drop another one. Or maybe you need to consider rescheduling it at a different time of the day or week. You want to try lots of different experiments. A resolution is too ambitious when it costs you too much compared to its rewards.

What are the common mistakes and how to avoid them?

We have identified 5 common mistakes:

  • Setting a goal that’s too vague

  • Trying to change everything at once

  • Sticking to your plan rigidly

  • Disregarding helpful advice

  • Giving up at the smallest setbacks

We have been there, it’s not easy to work at being the best version of yourself. To support you we have created a very simple and effective free e-book with 5 simple tips to keep your resolution this season. Our advice is practical and demonstrated with real-life example. Make the most of this season, it is possible!