The French twist: one of the most elegant and sophisticated hairstyles for ballet class. I’ve always wondered how to do it: it seemed so hard to master! What if my hair is too short, too thick, too long…? Do I need to put a ton of hairspray to make it stay up there? What if my pins are not the right kind? How do I do a French twist? I will be answering all your French twist related questions in this article.

Is my hair too short or too long to do a French twist?

If you can pull your hair into a low ponytail and manage to do a little bun from there, then your hair is not too short for a French twist.

I’ve also seen people with their hip-length hair managing to do a French twist. If you have very long hair, doing a French twist might be tricky at first but not impossible. Give it a try anyway!

Do I have to put on hairspray?

2.pngNo, you don’t have to. I personally don’t, unless I am getting my hair done for an audition, show or any other event where I want to appear as neat as possible. Sometimes the French twist comes a little easier when the hair is slightly wet. Try spraying a little water on it before combing.

Will I need any hair ties?

No, you won’t. That’s the beauty of the French twist to me! The only thing you’ll need is a couple of pins and that’s it! I ended up combing my hair in a French twist many times just because I couldn’t find any hair ties in my bag. Bonus? If you suffer from headaches because your hair is too pulled when you put them in a bun, you won’t have any more pain with a French twist!

What kind of hairpins should I use?

I recommend thick and solid hairpins. The strongest, the better.

What if I have very thick hair?

Don’t lose hope and patience! Be more careful when you twist your hair: keep it extremely tight at all times. Spraying your hair with water at the beginning can help.

How long does it take to do a French twist?

Once you get the hang of it, less than one minute. I promise! The French twist is a super-quick and easy way of doing your hair (even though it might seem incredibly complex at first). After some practice, you won’t even need a mirror!

Will my French twist hold up for allegro?

Your French twist should feel solid and secure if well done. I’ve tested different ways of doing French twists and I have to say that some of them fall apart once I start jumping in class. That should not happen: a well-done French twist is secure and tight. With the right strategy, your twist will hold up against anything: from your daily class to a full-length Don Quixote!

How do I do a French twist?

Through trial and error, I discovered the perfect method to do a simple, solid and pretty French twist. You can follow my step-by-step tutorial here and try it yourself!