Most frequent questions and answers

For all questions related to our Video on Demand services please consult our FAQs devoted to the VOD.

If you cannot find the answer to your question, do not hesitate to leave us a message here.

We regularly publish articles in our online Magazine that covers all subjects relevant to helping your Master your art and Manage your career early to achieve longevity. With a fun and light touch, our writers give perspective to your ballet technique and preparation with an original point of view.

Our dedicated Pilates instructor, and mental coach is available for private sessions. Visit the Personalised coaching page for more details.

The Core de Ballet team is located around the world and will be more than happy to work with you towards your personal goals. At the moment though we are not providing online live group ballet classes. Please contact us to see if we can arrange a private class for you.

The Core de ballet Magazine welcomes submission of articles written by people like you who are passionate of dance. Core de ballet is the perfect platform for you if you like to share a piece of advice, your latest Ah-ah moment, a great book, or talk about how you manage to keep your career afloat.

Most of the submissions come from professional dancers who enjoy writing an article here and there, love to share knowledge and information with other dancers, but cannot commit to running their own blog. We expect your submission to share our values: enjoying the pursuit of mastery, education via reliable information, optimistic can-do attitude. We will review your article, provide some feedback and if we can agree on a final version we will be more than happy to publish it. You can contact us if you have any inquiry or send us your piece right away.