Allegro is the foundation of the science of the dance, its intricacy and the bond of future perfection

Agrippina Vaganova

Uncover the secrets to petit and grand allegro

Is your grand allegro decent but petit allegro seems like a mystery?

On the contrary, do you wish Bournonville was in fashion because your grand jeté is not very grand?

Are you unclear what makes a good jump and you constantly hope it will work?

Are you convinced that you are not a jumper and about to give up?

Do you want to hide at the back of the room when the allegro section starts?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will love what we have prepared for you to improve your ballet jumps!

Let's teach you to be a jumper

What if I tell you that you need only two things to master petit and grand allegro forever? There are only two simple ingredients to achieving lifetime mastery of all your jumps from temps levé to sissonne développé to double saut de basque.

To improve your ballet jumps you need these two ingredients: motivation and ability.

And if you are reading this, you want to learn how to improve your ballet jumps, your motivation is there!

Our promise is to give you all the knowledge and practical exercises necessary for you to have the ability to do petit and grand allegro with ease, grace, dynamic and passion. 

Any dancer can be a decent jumper! Let’s get you there!

Gracefully fly and bounce through allegro!

First thing first, we are bringing you the combined knowledge of two of the best experts possible to improve your ballet jumps:

  • an Advanced Neuromuscular Therapist, Movement Specialist who has been involved in training athletes and high performers for over 20 years. He gets you results today and transfers his knowledge for you to keep having results forever.
  • a Principal dancer internationally renown for the impeccable quality of his jumps, a rare master of both petit and grand allegro, and a certified ballet teacher.
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Denys Cherevychko Dancewear Final.00_04_19_23.Still072-min

Together they will share with you everything you need to develop your ability to finally be a jumper. You already have the motivation to be a jumper, let us help you improve your capabilities to be a jumper.

Do you want answers to those questions?

  • How do humans really jump?
  • What living tissues and systems create an efficient jump?
  • How to create “a good plié”?
  • How to jump better without bulking my quads?
  • Do I need to stretch my Achilles ? And how to do it?
  • What are practical exercises to improve my jumps now?
  • What are exercises I can practice to maintain long-lasting results?

The secrets to be a jumper

2h Pre-recorded Workshop
  • Uncover the mysteries of human jumps
  • Maximise your jumps knowing how to take care of your body
  • Decipher the "jump code": alignment and coordination required
  • Practice and see immediate results!
  • Learn new exercises for long-lasting results

I want to finally be a jumper!

An exceptional 2h Workshop combining practical efficient exercises and scientific knowledge explained simply. Leave no chance to luck and learn how to improve and master your ballet jumps.

Led by Paul Thornley, an advanced movement specialist, and Denys Cherevychko, Principal dancer.

Teach me how!

Learn to be a jumper with...

Paul Thornley, is an advanced neuromuscular therapist, and a movement specialist. Over the past 20 years, Paul has been involved in training athletes and high performers.

Paul’s training is so efficient that the Director of Dubai Dance Academy decided to make his weekly class mandatory to all pre-professional students. That is because Paul Thornley gets you results today and transfers his knowledge for you to keep having results forever.

His moto is to teach you everything he knows so that you make better-informed decisions and achieve longevity in your career.

Neuro-muscular therapist, Merrithew lead instructor trainer
Portrait of Denys Cherevychko by Marian Furnica

Denys Cherevychko has been a Principal dancer at Vienna State Ballet since 2012.

During his career, Denys made a name for himself with, among other things, the impeccable quality of his jumps. Denys is a rare master of both petit and grand allegro displaying on demand power, lightness, precision and speed.

A certified ballet teacher, Denys enjoys sharing his knowledge with his colleagues and the next generation when his dancing schedule allows.

Let's answer your questions

Absolutely no prior knowledge required! Come as you are. Paul and Denys will introduce you to new vocabulary and concepts in simple terms that are understandable by all.

It is better if you have a flex band, a small ball and a yoga block. If you do not already have them, consider the investment. These three items are inexpensive and can make a huge difference in your training.

All the exercises practiced during the Workshop can be safely done at home. As a matter of fact, Paul will run the workshop from his home studio.

I will teach you to be a jumper!

Uncover the secrets to petit and grand allegro