Improve your leg extensions with Konstantin Zubach

Higher legs for développés or battement is a frequent request from dancers. And the answer is often “it takes time, keep practicing”. I am much like you, I wanted higher leg extensions and was frustrated by this answer. How long should I wait? How fast is normal progress?

Becoming a teacher changed my perspective. Yes it takes time, but the secret to fast progress is (1) focused consistency and (2) efficient exercises. 

Focused consistency is performing a routine with a conscious mind. I’ve seen dancers just doing movements while their minds wonder. This is probably a nice feeling but it will not help much to progress. Instead you want to be focused on the aim of this exercise or the quality of the movement.

Efficient exercises means that you select combinations that are actively helping you progress or fine tune the quality of your movements. For examples, endless stretches and pliés will not improve your leg extensions. You might find it surprising, but then ask yourself how long you’ve been doing those stretches and I guess that if you are reading this it is because it is not working.

Now, let’s move the past to the past and build a better future for you and for your dancers if you are a teacher. I approached Konstantin Zubach, Principal dancer and ballet teacher in Kyiv, and asked him to develop a workshop to help you improve your leg extensions.

If you do not know Konstantin, I’ve added here one of his recent Q&A “How to do développés above 90º?”

Improve leg extensions

In this workshop you will learn a 20 minutes routine that you can follow-along daily for a month to improve your leg extensions.

Konstantin will teach you each exercises individually, explaining what to pay attention, what not to do and to be sure the movement is efficient.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions and make sure you’ve understood how to do it.

At the end of the workshop we will do all the exercises as a run-through.

You will have access to the recording of the video and you can replay the routine as much as needed.

Thus you will have everything you need to witness your progress and see your leg extensions become easier, lighter and hopefully higher.

Disclaimer: this routine will surely help you find your leg extensions easier and lighter, however the height of your extensions is also dictated by your anatomy.

Ready to learn a proven method to improve and finally see results?