Jessica is facetious, caring and smart and just like us, she keeps bouncing from one subject to another so hang in there to follow the thread of our thoughts…

Jessica Xuan, also known as Coco Xuan, is a professional dancer professional dancer at the Het Nationale Ballet.

Jessica has a lot to share, especially since she went from winning the Gold medal at the Varna International Ballet Competition of 2018 to a foot fracture, her first serious injury.

In just a couple of months, she went through an emotional rollercoaster which made her stronger than ever.


“Even now I am shuffling my feet”

Let’s start with the origins and discover Jessica’s background. How and why did she end up in a ballet class? The path is different for everyone and always very interesting to know. Find out how determination, one of Jessica’s most remarkable qualities, helped her into making dancing her career.


“I just could not believe it”

 You come to the end of a wonderful year, filled with work and realize it’s summer break. But what happens if you don’t really want to stop? Jessica found herself in this situation and decided to challenge herself with something as crazy as… can you guess? She definitely did not hold herself back!


“I’m full of self-doubt”

What changes after you are awarded Gold medal in one of the most famous and challenging competitions? Jessica, as humble and grounded as she is, did not let success affect her in a negative way, but it still had an impact.


“Still learning to deal with it every day”

Jessica’s injury kept her outside of the studio for months. Dealing with this kind of situations is part of a dancer’s career, nobody can deny it. Remaining positive, hoping for the best, keeping in optimal mental and physical during off time is tough. How did Jessica manage to overcome this obstacle?


“It really kills your feet and legs”

Dancing is extremely hard, even if we can all agree on the fact that Jessica makes it look very easy and effortless. The reality is that she also has her challenges, just like anybody else. So what’s the key to survive a killer pas de deux? We are talking about the one that really kills your feet and legs.


“A dance career is super short”

This question is one of Core De Ballet’s absolute favorites as what comes out of it is always a meaningful and precious pearl of wisdom. Jessica’s advice to her younger self is something she still keeps in mind daily.


“I am going to buy up the whole theater”

It can be a fun one like an unexpected fall on stage, it can be a serious one like finally dancing the dream role: there is always a most memorable moment, the one that will forever be printed in the memories album. Jessica does not just have one, but two and they are somehow linked together.

Photo: Ondine D.


“Very well-rounded”

No company is the same as another, not only in terms of style and repertoire, but also in the kind of dancer each one of them is looking for. We asked Jessica about Dutch National Ballet. Her answer was very complete and interesting. Definitely something to note for any aspiring dancer out there.


“She makes you feel things with her dancing”

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be? What a fun question! The answers are even better. The first one is easy: who is Jessica’s number one inspiration in ballet? That’s one dinner guest. But guess what? There are two, and the second one is a ‘normal’ person!


“You’re creating with your body”

At the end of the day, what does it mean to be a dancer? Why do we train each and every day, always going back to that studio and back to that barre? We love Jessica’s answer and reflection on the artistic side of this career. Something to remind ourselves every day in order to work in a smart and constructive way without forgetting the love and passion for this art.