Being away from home and her family at such a young age is a difficult experience, however Margherita recalls it as what made her the person she is today.

Margherita Venturi, Italian, received her training at the most prestigious Paris Opera Ballet School. But being away from home and her family at such a young age is a difficult experience, however Margherita recalls it as what made her the person she is today. In this joyful interview Margherita shares some of her most valuable pieces of advice with us, as well as her journey to making a profession out of her passion.

The interview was conducted in French, with English and Italian subtitles.


“I try not to exceed two a day”

As a morning person, Margherita does not mind waking up rather early, even on weekends. Her simple morning routine includes cooking a nice and healthy breakfast (easy recipe shared in the video) and a must-have component.


“I told myself I had nothing to lose”

Margherita started attending the Paris Opera Ballet School at the tender age of 12. Was it her dream or plan to audition there? How did she get ready for it? And how did she decide to move away from her family at a very young age?


“We are around 150 for the first round”

Ever wondered how the selections for Paris Opera Ballet School happen? Margherita auditioned when she was 12 and she remembers the process as if it was yesterday. Do you think she was stressed and nervous for this day? Let’s hear her out.


“I started realizing that it is not only tutu and flowers”

Margherita started dancing at an early age, as an after school activity, like many kids do. What led her to Paris Opera Ballet School then? Her unusual story is inspiring and demonstrates how determination and dedication can get you far!

“We are scattered in Europe”

It is not uncommon to find out that dancing might be in the blood or in the DNA. Are there any other dancers in the Venturi’s family? Let’s find out!


“That was the effect I wanted to give on stage”

During the Paris Opera Ballet School performance in 2017, Margherita had the opportunity to perform Henriette’s variation from Raymonda. She danced with incredible technical precision and maturity on the Palais Garnier stage. How did she get ready for such an event?

Photo: David Elofer


“This is one of my greatest sorrows”

Given the choice of any famous person in the world, who would you like to be stuck in the elevator with? Interesting question, isn’t it? Without much hesitation, Margherita has a surprising and captivating answer.


“It gives so much character to the movement”

If you ask a dancer about their flaws, they will most probably come up with an interminable list of issues. What happens when you ask them about their qualities, instead? Knowing your strengths is just as important. It’s always essential to recognize and keep in mind what makes you special. We loved Margherita’s answer and could not agree more with her!

Photo: Thomas Lambard


“Otherwise you blow up for real”

If you have ever had tough days, when you simply wanted to give up everything and felt drowned into negative thoughts, know that you are not alone! We asked Margherita about her experience and she answered with admirable honesty. Her piece of advice will come in handy someday!

Photo: Yasuko Kageyama


“Everyone has their own path”

Within the ballet world, being often described as a highly competitive environment, is there any space for friendship? Margherita tells us about her experience and personal opinion, discussing what she values the most in any kind of relationship. So, can true friends and competition coexist in the ballet field?


“You put all your heart into it”

The life of a dancer is known to be made of: sacrifice, suffering and sorrow. Is this popular opinion accurate? For sure, dancing is not an easy profession and it requires a considerable amount of mental strength. What does it mean to be a dancer, breathing and living ballet?


“This invention is way too wacky!”

As an authentic Italian, Margherita likes pizza without any doubts. Do you recall how many pizza boxes we found at Cristiano Principato’s house? Margherita has one condition when it comes to pizzas, one rule that can not be broken…


“It’s a soloist role and at 18 I was thrown in”

After her graduation from Paris Opera Ballet School, Margherita began working as a professional dancer immediately, joining the National Opera of Bordeaux. She recalls this first experience under a contract with us, sharing her thoughts, opinions and life lessons.

Photo: Hortense de Gromard


“You need to have a lot of patience”

Right after three months working in the National Opera of Bordeaux, Margherita returned to Paris and was called by Paris Opera to dance in Onegin. How was the drastic transition from a small company to an extensive one like Paris Opera? Margherita found herself not receiving the opportunity to dance often on stage, but got something equally valuable in change. What do you learn being an apprentice?


“I had many moments where I thought I was unworthy”

The advice to younger self is always a very special section, a must watch! Looking back we realize how each and every experience led us where we currently are. Margherita has some concise words for her 12-year-old self. What about you?

Photo: Camille Chanial

“We are much better off nowadays”

Is there any lucky charm, any object or special thing that Margherita keeps with her at all times? Apparently there is! In between a laugh and a more serious conversation, can you already guess what it is?

“It is important to know how to transfer that to our dancing”

We all know how intense dance classes can be, but we know as well that most of the dancers like to experiment with different sports or disciplines in their free time. This can help either in complementing the dance classes, or in taking the mind off of ballet for a while. What’s Margherita’s opinion on this topic? What does she do outside of the studio and with what purpose?

Photo: Thomas Lambard


“I just adore the score”

Despite the fact that picking a dream role is not easy, Margherita has crystal clear ideas and already knows what she would love to dance on stage. What is the criteria based on which a dancer choses their dream role? Is it the choreography, the music, the story?


“There is a lot of things I would like to do”

In between a class and a performance, do dancers actually have any hobbies? We asked Margherita about what she does when she is not dancing or training. Is there any room in her schedule for free time activities? Does she have any other passions and enough time to cultivate them?


“I have lived through it, I see it in other people’s lives”

The one thing Margherita would like you to know about her… Interestingly enough, I was not expecting it, and yet I was not surprised by her answer either.


“It’s reaching your limits”

A fun sequence of “this or that” questions. Is your taste the same as Margherita? Give it a try: you might end up discovering your new ballet twin!

Photo: Thomas Lambard