Make the most personal and sincere interpretation

Stop confusing and stressful role preparation

It is time to end the confusion about Ballet Repertoire transmission and discover a simple preparation method that works. Forget about watching hours of videos on Youtube confused by different choreographies and musicality, not understanding how to make this story believable.

There are three problems with how most dancers prepare and are prepared:

  1. Most preparations start right away with learning “the steps” leading to a rather dry dance on stage.
  2. Most ballet master do not have access to substantial information on how the choreographer intended it to be, and advice passed on to Principal dancers as they prepared.
  3. Most of the Repertoire is perceived as outdated as we focus on the primary interpretation of the story.


For your preparation to work it has to integrate the full choreography. It cannot be a series of steps and photo-poses. Your preparation has to incorporate staging elements like spacing and looks beyond the simplistic view of what technique means. And you have to enjoy living a story that you relate to. That is what Master the Repertoire is all about.

Master the repertoire

An exclusive series by Jean-Guillaume Bart and Gaëlle Sadaune to enjoy a stress-free and efficient role preparation.

Meet the speakers

Jean-Guillaume Bart, Ballet Master at Paris National Opera Ballet

Portrait of Jean-Guillaume Bart by Maxim Mukhamedov

Jean-Guillaume Bart has done an extensive work of research on the Repertoire, he’s read for you almost everything available on Earth, watched hundred of dancers, listened to a large amount of interviews, discussed with the greatest dancers of the last few generations, and coincidentally he’s danced most of it during his dance career as a Principal dancer or coach it as a Ballet Master at Paris Opera or re-staged it as an international choreographer.

Jean-Guillaume generously shares his lifetime of experience so you can thrive in your own career as a dancer or a teacher.

Gaëlle Sadaune, Pianist at Paris National Opera Ballet School

Gaëlle Sadaune fell in love with ballet when she was offered an opportunity to work as a pianist for a ballet class and has never stopped since. Over the years she has developed an innate sense of understanding the dancers’ needs and how to support them in their dance.

As a professional she helps dancers understand the music simply by developing their listening skills using simple terms, and translating the music into movements. The word used the most to describe her is “magical”, closely followed by “perfect”. In that sense she is a true Master of Ballet music and her approach will change your ballet experience forever.

Step on stage to live and leave a memorable experience

As a dancer:

  • what if you could walk in your first rehearsal full of confidence and ready to reveal to your ballet master your most personal and sincere interpretation
  • What if you could walk on stage with the conviction that your dance will be memorable beyond your technical abilities?


As a ballet master:

  • what if you could start the rehearsal trusting yourself for knowing the little “details” of the musicality that makes a difference?
  • What if you could lead your dancer(s) with the self-assurance provided by the transmission from several generations before you?


Dream no more and join our series “Mastering the Repertoire” by Jean-Guillaume Bart, Ballet Master at Paris National Opera Ballet and Gaëlle Sadaune, pianist accompanying ballet classes at Paris National Opera Ballet School. 

The first episode “Mastering the Repertoire” decipher for you the ballet Giselle and the use of gaze in classical ballet through two conferences and one workshop led by Jean-Guillaume Bart and Gaëlle Sadaune.

Giselle and the gaze

Two conferences and one workshop to reveal your best interpretation of Giselle, Albrecht, Hilarion, Myrtha, the Wilis, Berthe or Bathilde.

Reveal your best interpretation

A game of love or deception?

Albrecht and Giselle's love
8th May 15:00 (Paris Time)
  • Grasp the modernity of Giselle to live the story on stage
  • Identify how you can interpret Giselle and Albrecht to make a realistic performance
  • Learn the nuances of the music for a refined and memorable dance

Master a truthful and useful Gaze

Technique beyond arabesques and piqués
15th May 15:00 (paris time)
  • Distinguish how your gaze can support or ruin your technique
  • Apply your knowledge to various sections of Giselle to transfer new skills to stage
  • Practice the power of your look to mesmerise your audience

A twist of events

the dramatic evolution of the relationships
12th June 15:00 (Paris Time)
  • Master the relationships to dignify the peripheral characters of Hilarion, Berthe and Bathilde
  • Take in the legend of the Wilis for a more profound Myrtha
  • Comprehend the evolution of the psychology of the characters to elevate the White Act

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Answers to your questions

Yes! We thought you might be interested in watching Jean-Guillaume and Gaëlle talk about the entrance of Giselle, the entrance of Albrecht and the entrance of Hilarion as well as what make Giselle’s music so unique.

Balletomanes are more than welcome. In our experience, such a conference will dramatically change how you watch the next performance and how you view the dancers’ work.

The two conferences are quite interactive as we will discuss in-depth the role the music plays in the ballet and you will get a chance to find your own understanding. 

The workshop is very practical: we will not discuss just the theory of using the gaze and look in ballet, we will put it in practice – demonstrated by a dancer – using examples taken from Giselle ballet.

Each conference and the workshop is around 1h led by Jean-Guillaume Bart and Gaëlle Sadaune, followed by 30min of live questions & answers from the public.

Only a device connected to internet (phone, tablet, computer, smart TV).

You will receive the link to a Zoom meeting. You do not need a Zoom account to join.

The practical workshop does not require any equipment. If you want to practice at the same time, make sure to have enough space around you to avoid any injury.

The speakers will conduct the conference and workshop in French with live English subtitles.

Yes! You will be able to watch and re-watch the conferences with unlimited access to the replay. The replay will be accessible within 48h of the conference. And after that you can watch it forever and as many times as needed.

If you are not available for one conference and you wish to ask a specific question, you can send us your question prior and we will make sure to answer it during the live session. You can then listen to the answer in the replay. 

I really wanted to give you the best offer possible with a package. Maybe you are only dancing Giselle Act 1 variation this year, yet understanding the developments of Act 2 will serve you right when needed. You know how we all need time to process invaluable information. That is why we are giving you lifetime access to the recordings.

That said you can sign-up for individual conferences if you prefer.

Master the Repertoire is an exclusive live event and is not included in our streaming subscription plans.

There is no small role! Although the conference and workshop will not speak much about the Duke, you want to understand the ballet you are cast in to give depth to your interpretation.


The Core de Ballet website is super useful! A lot of info that, as a pro, I forget about sometimes
Loving this website, so much information about how to improve dance, loving it, super recommend!
I'm working on Giselle variation with "Mastering the Repertoire" videos. Really, thank you for this platform that helps me so much in my daily work.
Very detailed and straight to the important points. I think it is easy for anyone to understand.
Most importantly I love the good tips which, I feel, a lot of dancers and some teachers tend to forget.

Elevate your dancing and be memorable

  • 3 exclusives conferences and workshop led by Jean-Guillaume Bart and Gaëlle Sadaune.
  • A unique chance to get answers to your questions.
  • A workbook to facilitate your note taking during the conferences.
  • Theory and practice to truly elevate your dancing and be memorable. 
  • A simple and efficient guide to learn variation quickly.
  • Lifetime access to recordings.