Mentor de ballet

Empower your dance dreams

Where aspiring dancers connect with professionals, master essential skills, and shine confidently in a competitive dance world

  • Are you unsure about the right path to success in your dance journey?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by competition and pressure in the dance industry?
  • Do you wonder what the real-world demands of a dancer’s life are?
  • Do you struggle with managing your emotions and negative self-talk?
  • Do you lack knowledge about important aspects beyond technique, like nutrition, rest, and personal branding?
  • Did you get your first contract and you feel lost in the company?


We understand those challenges and as you join Mentor de ballet, you’ll emerge as a self-assured dancer, ready to embrace your individuality and well-prepared to pursue your dance dreams with resilience, knowledge, and a holistic approach thrive in the dance world.

Mentor de ballet provides a supportive platform where aspiring dancers can connect with professional dancers who understand their journey intimately.

Mentor de ballet Season 23/24

Mentor de ballet empowers you to navigate your unique dance journey, finding your own path:

  • Regular one-on-one calls with experienced dancers for personalized guidance.
  • Access to an 8-module coaching that covers essential life skills for dancers.
  • Private invitations to Masterminds to hone those new skills.
  • Regular small group video calls with dancers from around the world to expand your horizons and your network.
  • Practical tools to be focused, maintain health, create opportunities etc.
  • Strategies for handling pressure, others, and building a personal brand.

Join the Mentor de ballet program

Gain the clarity, confidence, perspective and self-awareness you need to shine in your dance career.

Meet the Mentors de ballet 23/24

Kaitlyn Casey
Boston Ballet

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do

Denys Cherevychko
Vienna State Ballet

Life is a challenge: never give up and follow our goals and dreams.

Grégoire Duchevet
Staatsballett Berlin

"What matters the most in life is not what happen to you but how you react to it."

Heather Lehan
Northern Ballet

"While not every day is a good day, there is some good in every day"

Amber Lewis
Northern Ballet

You only live once. Live it!

Tudor Paul Moldoveanu
Czech National Ballet

"Most humans are never fully present in the now. But then you muss your whole life which is never not now." Eckhart Tolle

Haruhi Otani
English National Ballet

This looks really hard to do... I wanna try!

Alexandra Pera
Czech National Ballet

"With our thoughts, we make our world" - Buddha

Roxane Stojanov
Paris National Opera

"Avance sur ta route, car elle n'existe que par ta marche" Saint-Augustin

Konstantin Zubach
Constanta Ballet

Everything is possible, do it and your dream will come true

Join the Mentor de ballet program

Emerge as a self-assured dancer, ready to embrace your individuality and well-prepared to pursue your dance dreams with resilience, knowledge, and a holistic approach thrive in the dance world.

A dedicated Mentor to support you

Each Mentee is paired with one Mentor – a professional dancer – for the whole season and meet during a video call to discuss the Mentee’s current and coming work, challenges and successes.

An opportunity to expand your horizons

Exclusive Meet-Ups each month: a private conversation with a leading figure of the ballet world (dancer, choreographer, health practitioner, company director, technician).

If you join today, you’ll be invited to Meet-Ups in the future seasons. The Meet-Ups are recorded and Mentees and Mentors get access to previous, current and future Meet-Ups for life. 

A coaching program to prepare you for the next phases

Dancer’s success coaching specifically designed for dancers and their own particularities.

  • What makes or breaks a dancer’s career?
  • Make your own good luck.
  • Maintain your health as your biggest asset.
  • Optimise your training and resting time.
  • Optimise your attitude and mindset.
  • Manage others and network like it’s second nature.
  • Get smart with money.*
  • Create constructive assessments and plans.
  • Develop your own unique brand.

Mastermind to ask your own questions

To supplement your Dancer’s success coaching you are invited each month to a Mastermind session where all Mentees can come and ask their questions, and share their experience. It is a truly unique opportunity to work with a certified Transformational Coach and to learn from others.

A community for life

Build your community in an exclusive Instagram private group where the Mentees and Mentors of the previous and current season share useful information and events announcements.

What they say about Mentor de ballet

Apply to Mentor de ballet 22/23

Mentor de ballet

The best Mentoring program for ballet dancers
460 or 57€ x 9 months
  • 1-on-1 calls with your dedicated Mentor
  • Monthly Meet-ups with artists and experts
  • Dancers' Success coaching (16h)
  • Monthly Masterminds
  • A Community of support for life

Let's answer your questions

What is Mentor de ballet?

Mentoring in general helps someone achieve their goals by leveraging the experience and knowledge of a more seasoned professional. Mentor de Ballet is a program of scheduled and structured one-on-one meetings between a young dancer (Mentee) and a professional dancer (Mentor) to support the Mentee’s growth and development and gain valuable insight to the ballet world to pave the way to their success

The benefits of being part of Mentor de Ballet are numerous, just to name a few:

  • broaden your horizons and see the diversity of the ballet world,
  • find a trustworthy ear to listen to your successes and challenges throughout the seasons
  • get advice on how to keep going,
  • increase your confidence and inter-personal skills,
  • find inspiration in hearing the strategies that helped a professional dancer succeed,
  • share with honesty and transparency the difficulties of the job
  • develop strategies to nurture your motivation and remain focused,
  • expand your network.


Mentor de Ballet welcomes all dancers in training and Junior Companies aged from 13 to 23, all applicants under 18 need to get their legal guardians’ approval to register.

We decided to set the fees are set at less than a private class per month to keep the Program accessible to most.

You can pay Mentor de ballet in 9 monthly instalments or a discounted single payment.

If you choose the monthly instalments, you’ll pay 57€ from October to June include (9 months). If you choose the single payment, you get 12,5% discount and you pay 460€ in October.

Applications start on Monday 18th September and close on Sunday 1st October. 

The application to Mentor de ballet 23/24 is SUPER EASY:

(1) Prepare an application video where you explain
     (a) why you feel Mentor de ballet is important,
     (b) how you want to benefit from it,
     (c) what you want to share with the dance world, the Mentees and Mentors
This video will NOT be published, it is for our internal review.
Just answer the three questions, we won’t favor complex editing and we won’t check your dancing skills. You can make a selfie video or something else. Share with us what seems appropriate to you.
(3) Include your application video. 
(4) Press Submit
That’s it!

The applications are reviewed by the Director of the Program and CEO of Core de ballet, Ondine D.

The criteria for selection are: involvement towards a professional career, motivation, positive energy, uniqueness.

We do not take into account your ballet technique level or how prestigious your current school is. So if you started late: apply, we have a Mentor just like you. If you are in a small school: apply, we have a Mentor just like you. If you are full of passion but you need guidance to apply yourself: apply, we have a Mentor just like you.

No, Mentor de Ballet is totally independent from our Streaming service. There are no pre-requesite to submitting your application

Mentoring process

Every month each Mentee will meet with their Mentor individually through a video call to discuss the goals of the Mentee and how they are planning to achieve it. This meeting is private between the Mentee and the Mentor.

The Mentee can discuss their success and achievements and the Mentor will offer advice and insight from their own experience. For example you can discuss how great you are feeling this week and ask for advice on how to show confidence without looking arrogant, you can share how bad yesterday class was for you and find ways to accept this momentary difficulties as a learning experience, you can discuss how you are preparing for auditions, the possibilities are endless. 

Once a month, the Mentees will have access to an exclusive Career Management training offered by Ondine D, and a Meet-Up session with another dancer, choreographer or expert related to the ballet world to expand their horizons and prepare for their future. The training and the Meet-Ups are recorded sessions and all Mentees are given access to the replays of the current season, the previous season and the future season.

All meetings are online via Zoom and private access links will be shared in advanced.

The first meetings with the Director to set your objectives will occur in October 2023. Shortly after you can schedule your first meeting with your Mentor de ballet. And the season will finish in July 2024.

Choice of the mentors

The Mentors de Ballet are selected based on their abilities to provide the best Mentor de Ballet service: Motivating, encouraging, and inspiring energy, active listening, genuine care for others, strong experience in the ballet world, candid advice, availability and commitment for the full season.

A Mentor is a professional in the same field as you who guides you through a directive approach: instructing, telling, offering advice and suggestion, asking questions.

A mentoring session is mainly development focused. Mentoring is more about passing on knowledge and best practices from one generation to the next. Because we care about the quality of the Mentor de Ballet program, the Mentors are provided a training program to improve their skills and support the growth of the Mentees.

Both coaching and mentoring aim at helping someone achieve their goals by leveraging the skills and experience of the Mentor or Coach.

A Coach is a professional trained in coaching skills and may not know anything about your business field. A Coach guides you through a non-directive approach: asking questions, giving feedback, reflecting, raising awareness.

A coaching session focusses more on changing behaviors to achieve different results or outcomes, it’s performance driven.

Core de ballet works with qualified trained performance and career coaches familiar with the ballet world, please contact us to discuss your requirements.