Mentor de ballet

Confidence, perspective, self-awareness to achieve your goals

These are the benefits of regular meetings with a Mentor. 

71% of Fortune 500 Companies use Mentoring to support the growth of their employees. Let’s bring it to the ballet world: this is Mentor de ballet!

Core de ballet has handpicked the best Mentors de ballet you can think of to help you overcome your fears, be prepared to the reality of being a dancer and support you this season.

Apply now to get a chance to regularly discuss with a professional dancer who has been where you are now.

Mentor de ballet

The best Mentoring program for ballet dancers
9 Months support
  • 1-on-1 video calls with your dedicate Mentor
  • Monthly Meet-ups with artists and experts
  • Community of support for life

Meet the Mentors de ballet 21/22

Denys Cherevychko
Vienna State Ballet

Life is a challenge, we should never give up, we should follow our goals and dreams.

Sasha Mukhamedov San Francisco Ballet portrait

Sasha Mukhamedov
San Francisco Ballet

Never stop trying to improve yourself. You have to keep learning to grow as an artist.

Naira Agvanean - Dutch Nationale Ballet

Naira Agvanean
Dutch National Ballet

A balanced well-rounded person is first human, then a dancer!

Paul Tutor Moldoveanu - Czech National Ballet

Tudor Paul Moldoveanu
Czech National Ballet

"Most humans are never fully present in the now. But then you muss your whole life which is never not now." Eckhart Tolle

Kaitlyn Casey - Semperoper Dresden

Kaitlyn Casey
Semperoper Dresden

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do

Portrait of Alexandra Pera - Czech National Ballet

Alexandra Pera
Czech National Ballet

"With our thoughts, we make our world" - Buddha

Isaac Bowry - New Adventures

Isaac Bowry
New Adventures

You can't appreciate the good, if you don't know the bad.

Portrait of Amber Lewis - Hong Kong Ballet

Amber Lewis
New Adventures

Life is short but a ballet career is shorter. Take chances, dive into what’s uncomfortable and new. It will all be worth it.

What is Mentor de ballet?

Mentoring in general helps someone achieve their goals by leveraging the experience and knowledge of a more seasoned professional. Mentor de Ballet is a program of scheduled and structured one-on-one meetings between a young dancer (Mentee) and a professional dancer (Mentor) to support the Mentee’s growth and development and gain valuable insight to the ballet world to pave the way to their success

The benefits of being part of Mentor de Ballet are numerous, just to name a few:

  • broaden your horizons and see the diversity of the ballet world,
  • find a trustworthy ear to listen to your successes and challenges throughout the seasons
  • get advice on how to keep going,
  • increase your confidence and inter-personal skills,
  • find inspiration in hearing the strategies that helped a professional dancer succeed,
  • share with honesty and transparency the difficulties of the job
  • develop strategies to nurture your motivation and remain focused,
  • expand your network.

Core de ballet works with qualified trained performance and career coaches familiar with the ballet world, please schedule a discovery call with us to discuss your requirements.


Mentor de Ballet welcomes all dancers in training and Junior Companies aged from 13 to 20, all applicants under 18 need to get their legal guardians’ approval to register.

For the 22/23 season, the fees are €600, that’s €60 per month which is less than a private class per month. And with Mentor de ballet you get much more value: private chat with your Mentor, a community of support for life, live talks with other dancers, assurance that you are going in the right direction.

The Mentee must pay the fees within 7 days of receipt of their acceptance letter.

At the moment, applications are closed.

To apply to Mentor de Ballet, just click on ‘Apply now’, take a moment to fill in the application form before the application closing date. To complete your application create an IGTV video sharing your motivation and enthusiasm to work with a Mentor de ballet, share with us what you’d like to gain from your Mentor, tag 3 friends and and include the hashtag #mentordeballet. Make sure to tag and include #mentordeballet so that we can find your video and consider your application. Be creative, be innovative and most importantly: be you.

The applications will be reviewed based on the quality of your application video: motivation, positive energy, uniqueness.

Disclaimer: You do not have to go all out if you’re usually a calm person, we want to see the real you, and we are welcoming all types of personality and creative minds. An artist needs Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerves and Talent.

No, Mentor de Ballet is totally independent from our Video Training service. There are no pre-requesite to submitting your application

Mentoring process

Every two weeks each Mentee will meet with their Mentor individually through a video call to discuss the goals of the Mentee and how they are planning to achieve it.

The Mentee can discuss their success and achievements and the Mentor will offer advice and insight from their own experience. For example you can discuss how great you are feeling this week and ask for advice on how to show confidence without looking arrogant, you can share how bad yesterday class was for you and find ways to accept this momentary difficulties as a learning experience, you can discuss how you are preparing for auditions, the possibilities are endless.

The first meetings with your Mentor de ballet will occur on the week of the 27 September 2021 and the season will finish on week of 13 June 2022.

Choice of the mentors

The Mentors de Ballet are selected based on their abilities to provide the best Mentor de Ballet service: Motivating, encouraging, and inspiring energy, active listening, genuine care for others, strong experience in the ballet world, candid advice, availability and commitment for the full season.

Both coaching and mentoring aim at helping someone achieve their goals by leveraging the skills and experience of the Mentor or Coach.

A Coach is a professional trained in coaching skills and may not know anything about your business field. A Coach guides you through a non-directive approach: asking questions, giving feedback, reflecting, raising awareness. A coaching session focusses more on changing behaviors to achieve different results or outcomes, it’s performance driven.

A Mentor is a professional in the same field as you who guides you through a directive approach: instructing, telling, offering advice and suggestion, asking questions. A mentoring session is mainly development focused. Mentoring is more about passing on knowledge and best practices from one generation to the next. Because we care about the quality of the Mentor de Ballet program, the Mentors are provided a training program to improve their skills and support the growth of the Mentees.

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