Personalised coaching

Ballet Class - Private

1-on-1 sessions
Fast-track your progress with personalised cues.

Train from home or in the studio with an international ballet teacher.

Work on your current priorities.

Fine tune a Variation with an ex-Principal dancer.

ballet class - Group

Group sessions
Train from home or in the studio.

Improve your ballet technique.

Enhance coordination and flexibility.

Learn and have fun.

Career & Life COACHING

1-on-1 sessions
Improve your hiring chances.

Define your worth, increase your value.

Find clarity to make life-changing decisions.

Develop confidence and discipline to achieve your goals.


Group sessions
Improve your hiring chances.

Learn business skills to earn and save more.

Define your worth, increase your value.

Improve communication and inter-personal skills.

Pilates, Strength & conditioning

1-on-1 sessions
Improve your dance technique with variety of movement.

Enhance flexibility.

Control hypermobility.

Learn injury prevention protocols

Video Analysis

1-on-1 sessions
Level-up your audition and competition preparation.

Understand how to initiate and sequence your movements efficiently.

Discover new exercises that support the needs of your variation.

Gain confidence and enhance artistry.

About Ondine D.

In the past ten years, Ondine D. has worked with dancers, students or staff at Vienna State Ballet, Paris Opera Ballet School, Paris National Ballet, Bordeaux National Ballet, Mariinsky, Stanislavsky, Matthew Bourne New Adventure, Stanlowa Ballet School, etc.

As a movement specialist, Ondine D. is a Stott Pilates certified Instructor.

As a performance, life and career coach with professional dancers and senior management staff, Ondine D. is a certified Coach and NLP Practitioner.

About Konstantin Zubach

After graduating from Kiev Choreographic School, I joined the Kiev Municipal Academic Ballet as a Principal dancer. I was lucky to be invited in many countries across the globe to perform.

I am now the proud owner of Constanta ballet school in Kyiv, Ukraine. With the war, I am now teaching online to continue to share my passion and immense knowledge to dancers and teachers around the world.

My values: Ballet gives everyone a chance, dance is a soul with strong technique.

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