Dancers’ Success Coaching Season 2


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Dancers’ Success Coaching Season 2


An exclusive 8 month Dancer’s success training for dancers, covering all aspects of a successful dance career.

The training is a live online monthly meeting during which you will learn new skills, tools and competencies through theory and practical exercises.

  • Monthly Webinar, each dedicated to one attitude that makes a dancer’s career successful:
    1.  Make your luck,
    2. Optimize your attitude and mindset,
    3. Maintain your health as your biggest asset,
    4. Manage others and network,
    5. Optimize your training and resting time,
    6. Get smart with money,
    7. Conduct constructive assessments and plans,
    8. Build your own unique brand.
  • A detailed Workbook for each Webinar to follow along, review and recall all the content taught,
  • Tons of resources and exercise sheets to practice, practice and get better at it.
  • Access to an exclusive Mastermind group that will meet once a month to review your progress with the tools and techniques learned during the Webinar, answer all your questions and be a supportive community for all. This is an extremely valuable group only open to those who signed up for the full program.


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