Mentor de ballet Season 22/23


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Mentor de ballet Season 22/23



The best mentoring program for ballet dancers.

A dedicated Mentor to support you

Each Mentee is paired with one Mentor – a professional dancer – for the whole season of this mentoring program for ballet dancers. The Mentor and Mentee meet during a video call to discuss the Mentee’s current and coming work, challenges and successes.

An opportunity to expand your horizons

Exclusive Meet-Ups each month: a private conversation with a leading figure of the ballet world (dancer, choreographer, health practitioner, company director, technician).

If you join today, you’ll be invited to Meet-Ups in the future seasons. The Meet-Ups are recorded and Mentees and Mentors get access to previous, current and future Meet-Ups for life.

A coaching program to prepare you for the next phases

NEW: A monthly career management coaching specifically designed for dancers and their own particularities.

A community for life

NEW: Build your community in an exclusive Instagram private group where the Mentees and Mentors of the previous and current season share useful information and events announcements.


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