Professional dancers

Professional dancers in companies, free-lance dancers, in-between contracts, we understand your needs.

You are looking for support to grow as fully mature artist-dancer as fast possible, and you want to avoid injuries to enjoy longevity in your career.

Video Training

Available 24/7

Personalised coaching

Pilates training, video analysis, mental skills and career preparation

Work 1-on-1 with a certified Pilates instructor to improve your strength and flexibility targeting the areas for which you need help.

Be ahead of the game with sharp mental and career planning skills that are essential to a long and successful career but that we don’t teach even in the most prestigious dance schools.

Mentor de ballet

9 months support

Your mentor is a professional dancer of the best companies who has been where you are.

Thought 1-on-1 regular video calls your mentor will guide you throughout the season.

Monetise your work

Diversify your revenues

Increase your revenues by selling your educational, choreographic and entertainment material online on a marketplace specialised for dancers and teachers.

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