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Guillaume Diop 2.0, Paris Opera Ballet

How beautiful it is to witness the growth and development of young talents! While Guillaume Diop’s joy and enthusiasm have not changed at all, compared to the very first interview with us, he has now spent more than a full year as a Paris Opera company member.

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Zachary Rogers, Czech National Ballet

At first glance, Zachary Rogers, Canadian dancer formerly at the Czech National Ballet, is a tall noble and elegant yet shy dancer. Discover his fascinating ballet journey from Winnipeg to Prague, passing by Tallinn, Lausanne and Varna.

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Interview of Guillaume Diop, Paris Opera Ballet

Guillaume Diop, a name to remember! Guillaume undertook most of his ballet training at the prestigious Paris Opera Ballet School in Nanterre, near Paris. From age 12 to 18, he practiced ballet daily there until he was hired at the Paris Opera Ballet in 2018. Guillaume is a smart, hard working young man with the most contagious laugh we have ever seen.

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