Customers testimonials

Ondine’s coaching skills go beyond the ordinary and she is one of the nicest, most heart-warmed and passionate people I have ever met. She was born to serve people and she is such a gem!
I saw your website and the interviews are so cool
The advice from my Mentor de ballet is helpful to understand things, movements or even mindsets to have in a ballet class.
I'm so happy to be part of Mentor de ballet  because I really think it's something super useful and helpful. I really liked the Meetups meeting: I felt like I was part of a "special community".
I enjoyed getting to know other dancers and listen to their different perspectives and experiences or maybe confront different opinions with the same ballet related topic
I have found the Mentor de ballet program really interesting and special. It is a spectacular idea. It has been really rewarding to help a young dancer feel inspired and help guide them with my own personal experience as a professional.
The training given by Ondine D. to the Mentors de ballet is great and so detailed and helpful.
Ondine’s coaching session was amazing and extremely helpful, it covered all of my needs. Ondine was attentive to all my queries. Perfect service across the board. Would definitely recommend to others and book future coaching sessions.
Mohamed Al Fahim
CEO and Co-Founder, Heidron
The videos are very detailed and straight to the important points. I think it is easy for anyone to understand the way Ondine compiled all the short and simple information.
Most importantly I love the good tips which, I feel, a lot of dancers and some teachers tend to forget.
“The floor barre classes are so so so great!!!!! Floor has been making me so much stronger, it’s kind of magical! Incredible!!! SO much better than the live classes I had here!”
I love what you are doing here. I wish I had known about over-extended knees and been taught to be more aware of my body placement and such. I would have (hopefully) avoided my Achilles’ tendon injury when I was 18.
Katy Ford
Dance passionate
I'm working on Giselle variation with "Mastering the Repertoire" videos. Really, thank you for this platform that helps me so much in my daily work.
The Core de Ballet website is super useful! A lot of info that, as a pro, I forget about sometimes
Mentor de Ballet allows me to expand my network in the dance field and it is so valuable for my future, I am happy for this opportunity
I also feel I’m learning a lot about effective communication, the whole experience thus far has been enjoyable.
Highly recommend. At first, Ondine’s coaching session wasn’t easy. She asks hard hitting questions that you really have to think about. There’s no answers except the answers in yourself, so you peel back that resistance and quickly take the first steps to achieve your goals.
Loving this website, so much information about how to improve dance, loving it, super recommend!
“Every warm-up before class is a floor barre by Cathy, even if sometimes I don’t have time for the entire video, it still works wonders”
As a young dancer taking her first steps into the world of pre-professional training, I soon realized that what I was getting out of my daily ballet class was not going to be enough to excel and become the best artist I could possibly be in the long run.
I was struggling to find the right resources to help me improve and understand my technique until the day my dream of having a valid platform, specifically designed for dancers, that provided me with amazing conditioning programs, wonderful barre classes, a whole ballet dictionary and helpful articles about anatomy, injury prevention and more.
Every dancer who is serious and passionate about their training should work with Core De Ballet. I can not recommend it more!
Alessia de Vita
Dancer in training, former JKO student